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Hanukkah Cat

By Chaya M. Burstein
On the first night of Hanukkah, a shivering orange kitten appears at Lenny's window. He pleads to keep her, but his parents warn that a cat can cause all kinds of mischief. And Hanukkah Cat does! A favorite holiday story back in print with wonderful new pictures.

Description from Publisher

When a small kitten appears shivering in Lenny's backyard on the first night of Hanukkah, he is told that he may keep her only until Hanukkah ends. While Lenny dreads the end of the holiday (which would mean giving up his Hanukkah Cat), the kitten finds new ways to get into trouble. Lenny gives up hope of ever getting to keep his new friend, until Hanukkah Cat's antics save the day. An adorable story sure to become a read-aloud tradition.

Lori's Description

Eight Nights of Chanukah Lights

(Board Book)

By Dian Curtis Regan
The candles glow for all eight nights.
Gather around the Chanukah lights!

Description from Publisher

With short, simple rhymes, this book is sure to be a hit with children. Shiny glitter highlight the illustrations and will keep youngsters engaged in the story. Recommended for toddlers and young preschoolers.

Lori's Description

Lots of Latkes: A Hanukkah Story

By Sandy Lanton
Rivka Leah invites her friends over to celebrate Hanukkah. She tells them that she will make the latkes, but asks them to bring their menorah and something to share. Each friend plans to bring their specialty: Moshe the milkman plans to bring sour cream, Chana plans to bring applesauce, Avrom the fisherman plans to bring some fish, and Manya the baker plans to bring some jelly donuts. But the morning of the first night of Hanukkah, the mice eat the sugar, the apples have rotted, the fish aren't biting, and the cow kicked over the milk bucket. None of Rivka Leah's friends want to come with nothing, so they come up with a solution that will remind readers about the importance of celebrating together. A copy of Rivka Leah's latke recipe is included.

Lori's Description

Hanukkah Ha-Has :
Knock-Knock Jokes That Are a Latke Fun

By Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg
Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Honey who?
Honey-kah is my favorite holiday!

There's enough fun in this miraculous collection of Hanukkah knock-knock jokes it fill eight days and nights. Lift the flaps and join friends and family -- and two wisecracking Honey-kah Mack-a-bees -- as they light candles, open presents, and sing songs in this hilarious celebration. It's a festival of laughs!

Description from Publisher

Hanukkah: The Family Guide to Spiritual Celebration

By Dr. Ron Wolfson
This comprehensive guide to Hanukkah, now in its second edition, will be appreciated by countless Jewish families seeking creative and memorable ways to celebrate the holiday. It opens with Wolfson's nostalgic foreword about Hanukkahs past, recounting how the experience of growing up Jewish in Omaha, Nebraska, helped him to articulate and understand his faith-and how he has sought, through the observance of Hanukkah, to pass on that identity to his children. What follows is a fine and resourceful manual about all aspects of the celebration, including recipes, crafts, gifts, games, prayers, decorations and songs. There are even corny Hanukkah jokes ("oil's well that ends well") and whole chapters on food: "If it is a real Jewish event, it involves food," Wolfson tells us. Especially helpful is a section offering parents suggestions to help their children understand the "December Dilemmas" of Hanukkah and Christmas.

Description from Publishers Weekly

Create a meaningful and happy Hanukkah in your home--with story, celebration, food and song.

This newly-designed, easy-to-use edition of a classic spiritual sourcebook offers updated information, more family ideas, and new resources for every aspect of your holiday celebration. Information on every aspect of Hanukkah is covered, including:
  • The story of Hanukkah
  • Celebrating--for families of every constellation
  • Songs and prayers in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish (with clear transliterations
  • Recipes for traditional and modern Hanukkah foods
  • "December Dilemmas"--coping with other traditions' celebrations
  • Firsthand explanations and ideas from real-life families around America

Hands-on advice and practical suggestions invite families into Hanukkah's spirituality and joys, from the making of luscious latkes and Hanukkah crafts to the stories of the heroism and the miracle that are remembered every year with the lighting of the hanukkiyah.

Description from Publisher

It's Hanukkah!

(Board Book)

By Santiago Cohen
In a palette that radiates the warmth and glow of the menorah's candlelight, Santiago Cohen walks young readers through the pleasures and traditions of this most cherished holiday. The text, based on a Hebrew children's song, serves as a counting book as well as a celebration of ritual and family. The traditions of Hanukkah unfold, one night at a time, until the eighth and last night, when all the candles are illuminated.

Description from Publisher

(Rookie Read-About Holidays)

By David F. Marx
Many teachers and librarians are familiar with the "Rookie Reader" books. They contain engaging stories and offer kids a chance to move quickly through several levels of independent reading. A new series in this collection introduces early elementary readers to siX holidays. The pattern in each book is the same. The opening sentence asks the reader if he or she celebrates the featured holiday. This is followed by a brief history of the holiday and information about the way that it is currently celebrated accompanied by fullcolor illustrations. In this title, readers learn that Chanukah is a religious holiday celebrated by Jewish peopleone that emphasizes the importance of family and friends and sharing with others. The book closes with a picture list entitled "Words You Know" that reiterates sections of the text and an index.

Description from Children's Literature

By Sara Freedland
This pop-up book, with gilded three-dimensional collages, recounts the dramatic events that took place in Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago, and explores the many traditions that arose from those events. Includes a pop-up Menorah, traditional songs to sing, and coins to play with.

Reading level: Baby-Preschool

Description from publisher

The Story of Chanukah

(Board Book)

By Francis Barry Silberg
The highlight of this story is how God kept an almost-extinguished flame kindled in the Temple for eight days. The miraculous burning flame is still a reminder to Jews of God's constant protection and love. Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg explains the story of Chanukah on a level even the youngest child can understand, and Pam Levy's illustrations vividly depict the wonder and beauty of this special Jewish holiday.

Description from Publisher

This board book gives a bare-bones description of the story behind the holiday of Chanukah. The narration is very simple and appropriate to explain the holiday to toddlers.

Lori's Description

The Little Menorah Who Forgot Chanukah

(Book and Cassette)

By Jerry Sperling
Through a unique book and cassette, the meaning of the Chanukah celebration is revealed to young readers. The tape includes a narration of the story, original songs by Jerry Sperling, and traditional blessings over the Chanukah candles.

Description from Publisher

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights

By Barbara Soloff-Levy
Celebrate the Festival of Lights! This affordably priced activity book features the miraculous story of Hanukkah plus plenty of pages to color and puzzles to solve.

Description from Publisher

Chanukah in Chelm

By David A. Adler
This rollicking tale stars Mendel, the good-hearted, hard-working, but foolish caretaker of the temple. It is the first night of Chanukah, and Rabbi Nachman asks Mendel to put the menorah on a table by the window. In the closet, the caretaker looks over, under, and around the table, but still doesn't see it. His quest continues with good-natured silliness and a happy ending. Broad humor shines through in both the wry text and visual gags, pushing the traditional foolishness of Chelm further into farce. Dialogue balloons allow the characters to comment on the proceedings. A box is labeled "Imported Air," a bucket says "Cantor's Decanter," and a sign on the carpenter's workshop reads "Tables Are Us." O'Malley's oil wash on pen-and-ink illustrations, filled with amusing figures, rich colors, and beautiful scenery, portray a Chelm that is just the right combination of humor and tradition.

Description from School Library Journal

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