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The Doodle Family Hanukkah
Two of the Doodle characters are thrust back in time to witness and become involved in the battle of the Maccabees against the Syrians. Delightful, comprehensive, user-friendly volume, jammed full of fun, history and traditions.

Includes Introduction by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

The Young Maccabees
(Reudor's the Doodle Family Series)
Join the Young Maccabees and experience the thrills and miracles on their quest to liberate Jerusalem.

Description from Publisher

John Speirs' Happy Hanukkah
(A Look-And-Find Book)

Hanukkah Trivia

By Jennie Miller Helderman, Mary Caulkins
Filled with fascinating facts about the midwinter Jewish holiday, this charming little book is a must for everyone's shopping list. What is the right way to spell Hanukkah? What is the origin of eating cheese at Hanukkah? Where did the most distant celebration of the holiday take place? When was the first Hanukkah postage stamp issued in the United States? You'll have hours of fun discovering the answers to these and 146 other captivating questions that will light up your menorah.

Descripiton from Publisher

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah!
(Board Book)
This is a traditional song every Jewish child over the age of three is probably familiar with it. Kar-Ben has given us an illustrated board book version of the song, complete with music on the back page. Illustrated with animals helping the children light the menorah, make latkes, clean up, and dance, it truly shows the joy of this miraculous holiday.

Description from Children's Literature

Northern Lights :
A Hanukkah Story

By Diana Cohen Conway
When Sara and her father are stranded by a storm in an Alaskan village on the first night of Hanukkah, Sara tells the holiday story to a Yupik family, who help her celebrate with an old oil lamp and a holiday meal of fried bread and boiled salmon. Watercolors illuminate the cross-cultural sharing that brightens the simple story.

Description from Horn Book

Go For The Gelt
12 cards, 14 envelopes; caption: "Go for the Gelt! Happy Hanukkah!"

Description from Publisher

Davey's Hanukkah Golem

By David Gantz
Fascinated by his grandfather's telling of the legend of the golem, Davey makes himself a golem out of cave clay as his own secret Hanukkah miracle.

Description from Publisher

Sharing Hanukkah
These beautifully illustrated, multicultural books teach children about the holidays and why we celebrate them. In addition to telling a good story, each colorful book contains songs, poems, crafts, recipes, fingerplays, and other activities that can be used during classtime.

Visiting his Jewish friend David, Michael hears the story of Hanukkah, tastes latkes, watches the lighting of the menorah, and plays a few games of dreidel.

Description from Publisher

Children's Original Hanukkah Music and Coloring Book
Four New Hanukkah Songs illustrated to color, with words to read and sing, to play games. The Dreidel Top/At Hanukkah Pancake Time/The Candle and The Night/The Number Spin and The Pot

Description from Publisher "The Hanukkah Celebration Simplified - a 'singing lady's voice just perfect for the nursery-rhyme-type-material.

Description from The Los Angeles Times

John Speirs' Happy Hanukkah

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