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Chanukah Stickers

By Jill Dubin
$1 sticker book. Perfect for smaller Hanukkah Gifts!

Hanukkah Activities

By Ina Levin and Karen Goldfluss
Children of all ages have fun preparing for holidays with creative activities and projects. Teacher created activities for use at school, in clubs, and at home.

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Festive Songs for the Jewish Holidays: Level 3

By Bruce Berr
This excellent collection features 11 favorite Passover and Chanukah songs arranged at the Grade 3 level.

  • Adir Hu
  • Chad Gadya
  • Day'nu
  • Ma Nishtana
  • Who Can Retell?
  • Eliyahu Hanavi
  • Hatikvah
  • Come Light the Menorah
  • I Have a Little Dreydl
  • Ma'oz Tsur
  • S'Vivon.

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(Hidden Pictures Coloring Book)

By Yvonne Cherbak and Rita Warner
A favorite activity gets a new twist with Hidden Pictures Coloring Books. The beautiful, detailed illustrations cleverly conceal a variety of objects. Children will love coloring scene after intricate scene.

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The Kugel Valley Klezmer Band

By Joan Betty Betty Stuchner
Stuchner (A Peanut Butter Waltz) spins a satisfying small-town story whose endearing, old-fashioned quality is captured equally effectively by Canadian artist Row's lifelike watercolor paintings. Even more than their renowned noodle pudding (or "kugel"), the residents of Canada's Kugel Valley take pride in their klezmer band, a traveling trio that plays at dances, weddings and bar mitzvahs around the countryside. Since Shira, the 10-year-old daughter of the group's clarinet player, longs to play the fiddle, her idol is Isaac, another member of the band and "the finest fiddle player this side of Nova Scotia." The kind man gives her a homemade toy fiddle, along with some time-honored advice: "Practice, practice, practice." And that she does, playing her fiddle faithfully in the privacy of the forest, imitating the music she has heard Isaac play for years. The denouement hardly comes as a surprise when Isaac comes down with a cold, Shira fills in for him at a Hanukkah party and wows the revelers. Mellifluous storytelling and nostalgic yet accessible, animated artwork bring just the right measure of warmth and sentiment to give this tale relevance for today's readers.

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A Chanukah Surprise and Other Stories

By Menucha Fuchs
The Children's Learning Series is designed to encourage young readers. Packed with amusing, yet educational, stories in clear and concise language, these books not only teach children to enjoy reading but also show them the beauty of performing mitzvos and helping family, friends and neighbors. Chanukah is a time for sharing, giving and enjoying. Experience the miracles of Chanukah with the Cohen family!

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Sharing Hanukkah

By Janet McDonnell
Visiting his Jewish friend David, Michael hears the story of Hanukkah, tastes latkes, watches the lighting of the menorah, and plays a few games of dreidel.

Light Another Candle:
The Story and Meaning of Hanukkah

By Miriam Chaikin
Emphasis is placed throughout not only on the relationship between holiday traditions and historical events but also on the religious aspects of the celebration. . . . Chapters on Jewish law; the types and significance of Hanukkah foods, games, and gifts; local variations on the festival theme; and anecdotes from the Holocaust era documenting the holiday's role in Jewish life round out the presentation which 'tells the story of the Maccabees and explores the meaning of the issues for which the Jews fought then and which still have great significance for Jews today.'

Description from Horn Book

Let's Get Ready for Hanukkah

By Joanne Winne
Describes how Jews prepare for and celebrate Hannukah.

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Blintzes for Blitzen

By Elise and Philip Okrend
This charming tale of X-mas and Hanukkah comes alive with a newly released cassette. Listen and read along as Blitzen wanders off from Santa and the other reindeer, and finds himself celebrating Hanukkah with Bernie the Deli owner, and his family, reknowned throughout town for their delicious mouthwatering blintzes.

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(Candle Time)

By Denise M. Jordan
Few things light up our interest more than a party. In fact, celebrations form some of our earliest and most vivid impressions of the world. Candle Time shares those experiences. Each title explores a major festival featuring the element of light as it introduces children to traditional dress, food, presents, and more, as well as to the concept of culture.

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Candle Talk

By Barbara Birenbaum
Kindl is a walking, talking symbol of light whose adventures are a blend of historical fact or legend. As Kindl meets events like Groundhog Day, of the symbolic Statue of Liberty and the Olympic torch, he comes away with a deeper understanding of their significance. It's almost as though Kindl is in search of trivia about the events as much as having a good time. These adventures follow the 3E's to Reading: Education, Entertainment and Enjoyment with many books having music as well as stories based on events.

Candle Talk finds Kindl tumbling into a Hanukkah adventure. He meets up with talking, animated candles that are eager to take part in the eight day festival of Hanukkah. But Kindl only wants to watch it! He learns the story of Hanukkah from the candles. But, the talking menorah has a difficult time convincing him of his importance in this special celebration. As he looks forward to this eight day Festival of Lights, Kindl gives a meaning to each night of light. Night after night he sits in awe, sharing his love with the other candles and wondering what happens when and if he meets the Shammas. Sheet music - Eight Lights of Hanukkah, tells the story in melody and verse.

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Chanukah at Grover's Corner
This delightful book features songs from the PBS special plus other Chanukah favorites. Filled with interesting Chanukah stories and photos of Grover and friends, this book is sure to please all youngsters.

  • Blood Of The Maccabees
  • Chanukah
  • Chanukah Gelt
  • Chanukah Sim Shalom
  • Eight Days Of Chanukah, The
  • Hayom Chanukah
  • Latkes
  • Light Up The World With Love
  • Spin! Spin! Spin!
  • The Dreidl Song
  • The Miracle Of The Menorah
  • Zum Galli Galli

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  • Miracles & Wonders

    By Debbie Friedman

    Song List:
    1. A Chanukah Musical: Miracles Aren't Just Magic
    2. A Chanukah Musical: Antiochuis Epiphanes
    3. A Chanukah Musical: One More Day Of Oil
    4. A Chanukah Musical: Not By Might-Not By Power
    5. A Chanukah Musical: Light The Menorah
    6. A Chanukah Musical: The Dreidel Song
    7. A Chanukah Musical: The Latke Song
    8. A Chanukah Musical: The Light Of Hope
    9. A Purim Musical: Vashti's Song
    10. A Purim Musical: Achashveirosh's Song
    11. A Purim Musical: Haman's Song
    12. A Purim Musical: Mordechai's Song
    13. A Purim Musical: Esther's Song
    14. A Purim Musical: Sing A Song Of Freedom

    Debbie's well loved Chanukah and Purim musicals for children of all ages. The 8 Chanukah songs and 6 Purim songs use Debbie's tremendous wit and humor to tell the holiday stories. For use in the classroom or just for fun, these plays will bring smiles to your faces and pleasure to your hearts. Favorites include: Miracles Aren't Just Magic, One More Day Of Oil, The Dreidel Song, Vashti's Song, Haman's Song, Sing A Song Of Freedom...and More!

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    The Hanukkah Story

    By Anita Ganeri
    Watercolour illustrations breath warmth and life into the story that lies behind the Jewish festival of Hannukah. Anita Ganeri retells the traditional story with sensitivity, drawing children into the narrative.

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