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My Very Own Hanukkah Box
My Very Own Hanukkah Box
This delightful gift set, published now for the first time, covers all the excitement of Hanukkah with two story books, a song and poetry book plus a lively activity book with recipes and things to make for the festival.
One Night, One Hanukkah Night
One Night, One Hanukkah Night

By Aidel Backman
The same menorah that shone in Bubby and Zaidy's house, so long ago, now glistens in a modern home. Children sing Hanukkah songs, make latkes, and act out historic scenes. For each night there is a new form of celebration as another candle is added and Hanukkah traditions pass from one generation to the next.

description from Publisher

Using simple, lilting verse, each night of Hanukkah is very briefly described by focusing on one aspect of the festivities. The color illustrations juxtapose a contemporary celebration with one set in the past.

Description from Horn Book
A Great Miracle Happened There
A Great Miracle Happened There : A Chanukah Story

By Karla Kuskin
A boy and his mother explain the history and traditions of the two-thousand-year-old religious holiday to Henry, a Christian neighbor. The illustrations pulse with energy, reinforcing the action of Kuskin's well-paced story-within-a-story. A splendid way for children of all backgrounds to learn about the Festival of Lights

description by Horn Book

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah! :
A Treasury of Stories, Songs, and Games to Share

By Wendy Wax
Bright as a sparkling winter night, snow-speckled pages invite readers to observe the Hanukkah candles being lit. Bolder, more dramatically hued paintings emphasize the honor or intensify the magic of such selections as David A. Adler's story, "Malke's Secret Recipe," Aileen Fisher's poem, "Light the Festive Candles," and Charlotte Herman's retelling of the traditional tale "The Two Miracles of Hanukkah." Whimsically drawn children frolic across other pages demonstrating how to dance the hora, play dreidel, and perform fingerplays. Highlighting this collection of activities and readings are Hanukkah memories of four well-known authors and performers, among them Shari Lewis' vivid recollections of her first Hanukkah away from home when, at 13, she took her ventriloquism show on the road for the Jewish Center Lecture Bureau. Appealing and versatile, the book is sure to be a valuable addition to holiday collections.

Description from Booklist

The collection of traditional songs, personal reminiscences, crafts, games, poems, and stories for the whole family is cheerfully illustrated in full color. Although stronger poetry could have been selected, the total package is attractively organized.

Description from Horn Book


(On My Own Holidays)

By Cathy Goldberg Fishman
Introduces the Jewish Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah, relating the story behind the holiday and how it is celebrated.

Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah

By Jeff O'Hare
Crafts, Recipes, Games, Puzzles, Songs, and More for a Joyous Celebration of the Festival of Lights

The Kvetchit:
A Hanukkah Tale
(Book and Cassette)

By Larry Butchins
I am a children's librarian and I love using the story around Chanukah time. I read it to a group of children, and then play the cassette tape so they can listen to all the kvetches (complaints). Then I invite the children and their parents up and ask them to recite their favorite kvetch into the tape recorder. At the end of the program, I play back all the complaints and everyone loves listening to themselves! The illustrations in this book are lovely. I have given many copies away as gifts and they receive rave reviews.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

The Happy Dreidles

By Carrie Wolfberg
Two Hanukkah dreidles named Gimel and Heh are all alone in Ben Avi's gift shop. Parents buy trains, larger gifts and toys, until they are given to a poor family and spin a holiday of love. Includes directions to how to play the Dreidle Game.

Description from Publisher

Chanukah Favorites

By Robert Schultz
Arranger/Educator Robert Schultz has compiled and arranged a super collection of Chanukah songs for Easy Piano. Al Hanisim, Baruch Shel Chanukah, Hanerot Halalu, I Have A Little Dreydl, Lichvod Hachanukah, Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages), Mi Y'malel (Who Can Retell), My Candles, S'vivon and Y'mey Hachanukah are all included in this fine collection.

Description from Publisher

My Hanukkah Book:
Questions, Answers, Activities

By Kimberly Colen and Richard Rosenblum

Melly's Magic Dreidel

By Amye Rosenberg
Filled with dozens of colorful stickers, this book is a great way to enhance the fun of Hanukkah. Full-color illustrations.

Description from Publisher

Melly's Menorah

By Amye Rosenberg
When the family's menorah is lost in the move to their new house, Little Melly produces a menorah made of cookie dough which is baked to save this important day.

Includes over 50 full-color, peel-off stickers that include all the symbols of Hanukkah, plus a candle for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah to place on the menorah that decorates the back page.

Description from Publisher


(Wonder Books Level 2 Holidays)

By M. C. Johnston
These books on popular holidays are sure to appeal to young readers. The clear, direct text describes the history and customs associated with each holiday, and bright, colorful photos make each day come alive. Readers will learn intriguing new information as they develop their reading and comprehension skills.

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